The Gifted Show


Opening Wednesday, February 15, 2012 and running through Saturday, March 10, is an exhibition featuring selected work from our gifted students in the metropolitan area of NYC. A request from Chancellor Klein’s office came before the art community of NY seven years ago, to assist in a dialogue for young students studying the development of their careers beyond the classroom and into the community of the professional environment. We, in response to that call for collaboration, saw this as more than a responsibility to our future exhibitors, innovators and explorers of perception. We saw this as an opportunity to do that which a not for profit, public trust, is designed to provide; a public forum for growth and community awareness. The exhibition is entitled “The 7th Annual Exposition for the Gifted,” and represents the selected work of a small segment of NYC’s vast potential of gifted visual artists on route to becoming our greater potential as a society engaged in cultural, educative and spiritual awareness.

Twenty-two students were chosen from over a thousand submissions made by art programs in the metropolitan area (or private teachers). The age range began at 9th grade and ended in the second year of college. There will be another selection made of three artists who will be sponsored by our organization, as a group exhibition in the upcoming year for another show of their new work in development. The philosophy behind the project, which will be an annual event at our gallery, is to establish an educative experience of a process that has eluded the curriculum of most institutions, most of which really don’t have access to such outlets either due to budgetary restraints or logistical limitations. The endeavor herein is to expose a process for future development and greater awareness all around; artists, schools, public and private. The goal is to create an all inclusive art continuity rather than one suggestive of an elite relationship with out of touch society.

Synchronicity Fine Arts has been serving the public with similar undertakings and projects since 1989. In fine art and theatre, locally and internationally, we have been a service organization searching for responsible methods to support art and maintain a dialogue with the needs of the art community and the public interests.

Gallery hours: Wednesday through Saturday; 1PM to 7PM

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