Our Mission



Established March 3, 1988, Synchronicity Space Inc., is formed as a not for profit/ 501 C-3 tax exempt arts organization with its offices in New York City, NY, (will post soon, we have moved but will post our new location soon)

     Synchronicity Fine Arts is established to aid and provide services for visual and performing artists, both individually and collectively. Synchronicity Space shall act as a conduit for fiscal development; serve as a liaison with other like organizations, locally and internationally, to benefit both visual and performing artists. Synchronicity Space shall help to provide venues for emerging and established artists and in so doing, undertake the fiscal responsibility of bringing projects of merit to the public both, in NYC and internationally. Synchronicity Space shall serve as an umbrella organization for other arts groups or individuals seeking to procure funding and thereby show support in their efforts to bring approved projects before the public.

     Synchronicity Space shall provide a venue to aide and assist in the fulfillment of their mission, to serve the art community and its constituency. In fine art, Synchronicity Space shall assist in project development by serving as administrator and in some cases, provider of, financial assistance in the promotion and development of all projects that fit into it’s particular sensibility or artistic direction. In this context, Synchronicity Space shall reserve a right of commission or reimbursement for all projects funding originating through our arts organization. There will be no direct fees, membership dues or financial responsibilities passed on to the artists other than those which the artist requires beyond the provisions established by Synchronicity Space contractual commitments.

        Synchronicity Space shall establish their own venue and additional venues, both locally and internationally. Synchronicity Space shall provide artistic guidance, assist in the fiscal development, secure and provide both opportunity and venues, both in NYC and abroad, for artists and other like arts organizations in their efforts to bring chosen projects, for theatre and fine art exhibitions, to fruition. Synchronicity Space shall serve as fiscal partner and /or sponsor, act as oversight conduit and  insure that all projects are secure in their efforts to come to fruition.