Synchronicity Space was founded in the fall of 1988 as a non-profit (501 C-3)arts organization designed to provide services and venues for visual and performing artists. It has since accomplished all of its goals within the domestic and international art communities and is now engaged in expanding both its international projects with sister sights in thirteen different countries around the world.

Our two Previous  locations,   106 West 13th street (Feb. 2001 through June 2013) A ground space of 1800 square feet used as both our NY headquarters and our main art gallery and the SoHo district of New York City from 1988 to 2001. At that location Synchronicity Space maintained 7,500 square feet on three floors at 55 Mercer Street. Our space functioned as an off-Broadway theatre, Two Fine Arts Galleries, visual artists’ common workspace, rehearsal hall, Resident Theatre Company business offices, and in International Artists Residence for traveling arts students and exhibitors use while working in the metropolitan area. Our current space is used as the NY headquarters and is designed in the European tradition for exhibition of fine art exclusively.

To date Synchronicity Space has produced over 425 exhibitions, 380 theatre productions, housed 40 visual and performing artists, provided studio workspace for more than 60 visual artists and helped develop 23 full time theatre companies locally. Internationally, we have succeeded in mounting 62 exchange programs that have brought artists from foreign countries to exhibit in our gallery or perform in our theatre. Simultaneously, we have sent or have contracted to send productions and exhibitions to Germany, Russia, Poland, Japan, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, France, Italy, China and Switzerland. In most cases the artistic level has been honorably noted by such publications as Art In America, Art Forum, The New York Times, Art News, Village Voice, New York Newsday, NY Magazine and China Times as well as in major journals of the foreign cities where we have been engaged.

Synchronicity Space has established sister sites in 13 different countries where performance and fine art exhibitions have been and continue to be, scheduled for exchange programs. In an effort to introduce new developments in theatre and art to enthusiastic art communities we are creating a dialogue through which all cultures can profit educatively and spiritually. In reviewing our theatre and gallery chronological reports you can see clearly that our priority in the arts is to bring cultures together with common goals. In 25 years, over 50% of our activities have operated under the co-sponsorship of corporations, government funding, private donors and other like non-profit organizations in 9 different countries. All of these exhibitions or productions have been financed in part by Synchronicity Space and by foreign government or private enterprises.
International Programming: AKA; INTERSYNCH

One of the most successful of our projects has been the “Artists Fund.” This fund was established in 1994 to provide subsidy for artists who have developed a substantial body of coherent, cohesive work and are ready to mount an exhibition in the professional art community. We procure funds each year for artists exhibiting at our gallery or under our umbrella (as the conduit 501 C-3 arts corp.) This resource (The Artist’s Fund) provides the funding through donations, corp. and federal grants as well as matching grants and residual sales from other profitable exhibitions. Such funds are used to pay most expenses for selected exhibitions of great merit,  that might not be given an opportunity to be shown,  for lack of commercial potential or other financial restrictions. We budget for these exhibitions each year according to the amount of income, grants and donations we receive the preceding year.
A selected list of sponsored exhibitions in conjunction with our sister sites around the world:

1990 So Na Ha Theatre Group Central American Production
1990 Japanese group exchange Gallery Exhibition 6 Japanese artists
1990 Passenger Fabrik German Exchange Theatre (Mephisto)

1991 Poland exchange exhibition Gallery Photo Exhibition
1991 Canadian Sponsorship Exhibit Sculpture Exhibition: Jenette Lee
1991 France Sponsorship Exhibit Photo Exhibition
1991 Russian Group Exhibit Painting Exchange (9 artists from St. Petersburg
1992 Israel Sponsorship Exhibit Photo Exhibition Avi Grossman
1993 Bulgarian Sponsorship Exhibit Sculpture/ Prints 7 printmakers and sculpture
1993 German Exchange Exhibit Ink Paintings ; Klaus Deitrich
1993 Cuban Sponsorship Exhibit Painting/mixed medium
1994 American Artist in Germany 4 Americans Exchange Exhibition
1994 Chinese Sponsorship Exhibit Painting Liang Yi Fen
1995 Americans in Russian Museum Exchange Exhibit Painting 7 artists each way
1995 Hungarian Exchange Exhibit 6 Americans to Budapest 1996
1995 Chinese Group Exchange 7 Americans to Beijing 1996
1995 Finnish Sponsorship Exhibit Painting Maria Fitik
1995 Australian Sponsorship Exhibit Sculpture
1996 German/ theatre&fine art Exchange Simultaneous exchange
Americans to Germany/Germans to USAw/Munchen Passenger Fabrik
1996 Poland Exchange w/ Lodge Museum of Contemp. Art
1996 Russian Exchange Exhibition/
Tour of five Eastern Block Countries by American Artists while we are showing artists from those
Countries in Synchronicity Space. The artists will accompany most of the exhibits and in some cases they
will be accompanied by theatre productions from the same countries in our theatre.
1997 Taiwan / TaiChung exchange w/ American representational painters; simultaneously sending Americans
to Taiwan while receiving the Taiwanese painter Liang Yi Fen in NY.
1997 French Modern Dance/Theatre w/ Herve LeGoff Drama/Dance Company.
1998 Chilean Sponsorship Hector Villarroel Painter
1998 Russian/American Sponsorship Lya Ozerova Kokareva Painter
1998 Switzerland/ Co-sponsorship Yves Fontanellez Painter
1998 British Co-sponsorship Anca Ionescu Painter
1998 French exchange Herve LeGoff Dance/Theatre
1999 Taiwan exchange Liang Yi Fen
1999 French exchange Herve LeGoff Dance/ Theatre
1999 Poland / co-sponsorship Group Watercolor exhibition 16 Polish artists
1999 Japan/ co-sponsorship Theatre Production (Hiroshima)
1999 Chile/co-sponsorship Painting exhibition 6 artists each way
2000 Tibet/ our sponsorship group shows to benefit Tibetan Culture and Religious freedom
2001 New location in Greenwich Village/ NY
2002 France/joint sponsorship from Rockaway to Brittany: Miniature watercolors by Christian Le Gars
2003 Austria /Sponsorship Harry Wiesleitner
2004 Poland/sponsorship Piotr Ditmas
2004 Japan/co-sponsorship Fusako Tamura
2005 India, Japan, S.Africa,Dom.Repblc, France, NY Master Print Makers
2005 T-Minus 2005 International Invitational Time Lapse Video Exhibition.
2006 Japan/ Sponsorship Naogino Scent of Tibet
2006 Sardinia/ Sponsorship Rene Rusick
2007 The Men of Graymoor/ sponsorship Men in Recovery from the Disease of addiction/A methodology for
art as therapy.
2008 The Men of Graymoor /Sponsorship
2008 The first annual exhibition for “The Gifted” sponsorship:
An introduction to the art world of exhibition for high school and undergraduates in NYC studying art as a
potential career.
2008 Memory Project; this is the debut of an ongoing project of multimedia of film, painting, lecture that addresses the manner in which lost generations of Polish Jews who were devastated by the Holocaust and how the new generations of family members build new lives going forward and undertake the task of continuity of memory and growth beyond stigmatism and loss. Project founders: Laurie Weisman and Rosalyn Jacobs: the Memory Project continues today (2013) as a traveling exhibition, teaching process and continues to be shown in its full content by PBS throughout the United States and Europe.

2009 Exchange Program with Poland: Solo Exhibitions in a cross-cultural exchange of painters
2009 2nd Annual exhibition for the “Gifted” sponsorship:
An introduction to the art world of exhibition for high school and undergraduates in NYC studying art as a potential
2009 The Men of Graymoor /Sponsorship
2009 Exchange Exhibition with Paris, co- sponsored with: BNP, Banc Nationale de Paris Priscille Vincens
2009 Master Print exhibition from Japan: 7 printmakers from Japan

2010 Tapestry From North Africa: Exhibition in support of Women in Business
Featured Classical tapestry by co-op women’s groups throughout North Africa: Morocco, Smir, Algeria, and various smaller cities, towns and provinces: Ana Beeke and Alia Kate; Curators
2010 Exchange exhibition with Warsaw: Roz Jacobs /the Memory Project to Warsaw;
2010 3rd Annual exhibition for the “Gifted” sponsorship: An introduction to the art world of exhibition for high school and undergraduates in NYC studying art as a potential career.
2011 Artists from the Ivory Coast (7)

2011 4th Annual exhibition for the “Gifted” sponsorship: An introduction to the art world of exhibition for high school and undergraduates in NYC studying art as a potential career.

2011 Floating Population: Latin Alien Artists in NYC “off the Radar”(32 artists)

2012 5th Annual exhibition for the “Gifted” sponsorship: An introduction to the art world of exhibition for high school and undergraduates in NYC studying art as a potential career.

2012 Islamic Cultural Exchange (sponsored in part by the Melon Foundation)tour of 5 countries in the middle east and three galleries in USA 5 world class artists from USA and 6 from various countries in the middle east in the exchange
2012 Theatre production in London and traveling to Berlin in conjunction with LaMama , the Knitting Factory and Dance Theatre Workshop

2013 6th Annual exhibition for the “Gifted” sponsorship: An introduction to the art world of exhibition for high school and undergraduates in NYC studying art as a potential career.
2013 American Association of Professional Artists

Synchronicity Space has accomplished most of these exhibitions and projects without dependency upon major funding resources. We believe that our own resourcefulness was an important part of developing such an organization at a time when funding was limited and more effectively utilized by larger organizations. We have grown considerably over our 25-year history and our constituency is very supportive in attending most of our events as well as collecting our artist’s works. Due to our international relations and in part because our following in NY is loyal and enthusiastic to our efforts and commitment as a non-commercial conduit to the Art Community we have been afforded the luxury of remaining true to our aesthetic.

Our gallery on 13th street in NYC, functions much like a normal commercial enterprise with the exception that we continue to provide numerous services for artists, other like arts organizations and clients. Services include, but are not limited to, research and development for international exhibition space opportunities, funding for exchange exhibitions, serving as a conduit to individual artists who need sponsorship for, or to become eligible for funding (personal, corp. or govt.). Assist and educate collectors and benefactors to the arts and artists in various ways which include: tax advantages, responsible funding principals for individual or group projects, market evaluations for established and emerging artists’ art works (this includes authorized estimates on commissions and appraisals and authentications). To introduce new collectors as well as older and well-established connoisseurs of art to contemporary, high quality and developed art work around the world in all mediums.

In 2014, Synchronicity will be re-establishing our presence in the theatre world. We will be bringing back our theatre concept of resident theatre companies and providing a home base or headquarters for 7 resident theatre companies. We will be as diverse as always by providing production time and venue for a classical Shakespearean company (TBD), an experimental and work in development theatre company, a contemporary dance company, an music ensemble (TBD), Recovery Rep. theatre company to provide theatre as a creative resource for an ever growing society of people in recovery from alcohol and substance abuse, an international exchange program for theatre companies around the world to perform in NYC in exchange for our sending NY companies abroad, Children’s theatre company(TBD), Selected fledgling theatre company developing new writers, actors, directors and concepts for theatre and finally our own Directors production series. All of these entities will be provided theatre time, some financial resources, a home to develop their work and a shared network from within by all entities in collaboration and supportive of each production. We will be providing rehearsal space, late night stage and tech support for experiment and comedic productions, poetry and lecture series, screenplay and new play readings and therapeutic art availability for the public welfare.

We continue in our efforts to mount exhibitions and provide our support for artists who make a commitment to their art.  We trust that the perseverance of their efforts to bring their work to the public and international art community will succeed as a collaborative experience.   As we search for our new location we will be expanding our outreach into the communities, both local and internationally, in so doing, continue our growth and efforts to provide hope and faith that art is still a thriving presence in the development of our own humanity.