I.          Inspiration doesn’t last – stop in time.

(inspiration can occur only while you are working)

II.         Forget your likes and dislikes.

(value and accomplishment is rarely recognizable  by the artist in the moment of creating)

III.       If it is not difficult, it is not worth while.

(the struggle peals back the layer of the eternal  superficial)

IV.       You must feel completely discouraged before

            you can progress.

(the mind must be subdued into its role as  coordinator of the senses, discouragement is its  voice.)

V.        Never examine your reasons for painting.  The

            answer can only be found in your work by others.

(let posterity take care of itself.)

VI.       Never paint with your mind.  Never paint with

            your feelings.  Paint and draw what your eye wants.

(faith and discovery are revealed when the eye perceives.)

VII.      Don’t be an art critic before you are an artist.

(art must be intelligent not intellectual)

VIII.    It’s better to be stupid than phony.

(all art is a self-portrait,  the better the person, the better the art)

IX.       Say one thing only, but make the most of it.

(find the essence and accept it. Therein lies the metaphor.)

X.         Never worry about how it looks.

( the role of art is to penetrate the soul not to placate the spirit.)

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